HEX x 3 Shibuya


 This is the Original hand inked Hip Hop Shop flyer by HEX that ran since 1991 and traveled around the World from Los Angeles.

It represents the foundations of west coast hip hop B-Boy B-Girl family which HEX formulated since 1982 from direct mentorship and examples from Baby New York who originally moved from Flatbush Brooklyn to Compton in that very same year.

This purist L.A. Hip Hop movement that exploded in 1984, was revived by the Hip Hop Shop and went world wide.


Limited edition run of 100 pieces!!

This Collectors item is limited to 70 pieces on black and 30 pieces on white.

All orders come with a 4.25 x 6.5" Hip Hop Shop flyer hand signed and numbered  by HEX


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